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I’m All In!!!

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Right now, I really don’t know what to say. I just want to blog about something, which I don’t do since God knows when.

At this point, maybe it’ll be safe to blog about the feelings that I feel right now. This might sound a bit dramatic so excuse me. Have you ever felt so proud at one second, the next you felt like “ignorance is your new best friend” ? I know that sounds like a song. GAh!

“Pride comes before destruction

A haughty spirit before the fall.”

I know I’ve never been so specific with the things I blog about. Well, I’m just being Jocerff Van. That’s me even in person. If I’ve got a problem, I’ll tell my friends that I do. That’s all. At least they know I’m going through a hard time. They don’t need to know why. That sounds pathetic, isn’t it? no, sarcastic rather.

Going back to what I am talking about. First, I feel like I’m here FOR THE WIN (FTW!), then the next thing I know is I’m losing and I wanna shout FUCK THE WORLD! ( at least it is still FTW). I feel so sorry for my self. For being so overtly confident, which is all I ever have, so I wanna fuck the world more. All that I have is still not a good thing. It is so hard to accept that you’re falling when you’re so confident the first minute. Well, I’ve always been so humble, the confidence I’m talking about is not the exasperating type of confidence. It’s just that I’m not afraid ti do the others are afraid to. It’s the spirit that I have to do such thing. I’m confident but it never shows. Gush this is going nowhere I guess. ( I must have named this post “CONFIDENCE” , yeah, ALL CAPS)

I want to cry! Actually, I’m crying, it’s just that I’m doing it differently, with no tears. I’ve always been a good liar. That’s another bad yet useful talent that I have. You can never tell when I’m lying. I’m good at it. So good that even myself couldn’t tell that I was lying, I believe with every lies that I have to tell. That’s the best technique eh?

Pretty cool, huh?



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October 29, 2009 at 1:43 pm

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