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Are We Deserving?

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Yeah… That’s the question for today.

Most of the time, we question. We feel like we don’t deserve t the predicament that’s coming to us. But have you ever questioned if you are worthy of the good things that you have?

I don’t want this to sound like an essay. It surely does though. But it’s the feeling, the question that’s bugging me right now. And I need my special theraphy to get through this. And that is blogging. My little way to share my nervous breakdown to theĀ  world. Haha.

Yes, as I said, most of the time we question why bad things are happening to us. But this time, it might be different.

Naturally, we work hard to get the things that we want. But what if we already have the things that we want, yet we know that it will still needs some working for you to deserve it.

Can we do things the other way around?

Instead of working hard to get the things that we want, can we just work hard to deserve the things that we already got?

I really am not sure if I am making sense here. Am i talking through experience her? I’m not sure. I just need to share this, or if no one reads this, write it at least.



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November 3, 2009 at 1:53 am

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Well, this is about my friend (and as of this writing, she don’t know that I’m writing a blog about her). I just find it amusing..oh..interesting would be better. I know she won’t sue me for this, but it’ll give me thousands of hate messages, or worse, punches. God, no!
OK, let’s proceed.
This is about her… -let’s borrow our favorite Taylor Swift song- ‘Romeo’, oh ‘yes?’ no.. I mean ‘Love Story’.. (if we don’t share the same humor, maybe you’re exasperated with me)
we often hear the stories of two different person who fell in love with each other.

That’s very common, or should i say, ‘the common’ plot of Philippine dramas.

A human who’s in love with a mermaid, a wolf, or the overused one..superhero. Anyway, my friend have not gone that far, yet. But the plot of her ‘Love Story’ is being in love with her exactly opposite self. And worse, they don’t share the same religion. OK, let’s introduce the main characters. My friend, let’s call her -since i’ve started it- Juliet, and his boyfriend(not official, though), Romeo. Silly! Do u expect Jack? Or maybe Edward Cullen? That’s another story.
My friend is a ‘my-dad-will-get-mad-at-me’ kind of girl, studious(ow?), confident (sometimes OVER), sensible, ahm..to sum it up best and minus the confidence..she’s the ‘tatandang dalaga’ type.
While Romeo..well physically: long-haired, blue-eyed(contacts of course! He’s no Zac Efron!), the emoish guy with an irritating swagger. And a Born-Again Christian. Well, Juliet is Catholic, to make the situation worse, a leader of a religous youth group. They love each other dearly (just like your favorite drama). Juliet’s family don’t know, if they do, then I’ll play the lines..

And my daddy said,

Curtain call!
Scene 1: MEETING

‘I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I’m standing there
On a balcony in summer air’

I don’t really know how their first meeting gone. I just found my phone, full of ‘friend-i’m-inlove-help-me’ kind of messages. The kinds that would make you roll on the floor and laugh your fucking ass out.


It went fast that this ‘no-man-deserves-me’ friend of mine had the four-word best response to Romeo’s i love you. But after all that has been said, they are still not a couple. It’s getting absurd, isn’t it? What the hell?


‘So i sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet
‘Cause we’re dead if they knew’

One time, we decided to meet up (originally, for her to help me get back my book from a former classmate..NEW MOON. But that’s another story.)
We end up visiting another former classmate who happens to be her first love. As the title suggest, she originally planned to sneak out to meet Romeo. And i find myself with..oh he has no name yet.. Ahm.. With Danzen, chaperoning her in her ‘date’. She’s really insane! I knew it from day one but the best proof happened that day when she literally pushes us away when she got the message that Romeo is on their meeting place already. Yup, poor Juliet, she came earlier (about an hour early) but still late, she arrived at 2pm from the 1pm plan.
Danzen and i pretended to go away, but stalked her all the way ’til she reach the ‘garden’. Busted! I finally saw Romeo, he’s indescribable so i let Danzen to describe him for me. His description is what was written earlier. But for more infos, a description i can’t deny is that he’s sooo small. I’ll literally tower him. But Juliet is petite too, the only characteristic they share.

Scene 4: MAKE OVER

After my unfavorable comments, she decided to get her poor man a make over. She’s changing him to someone that she’ll love! And don’t be surprise if he’ll be converted into Catholic soon. That could be the best description of selfishness, don’t you agree?
I found these things amusing though, her tongue-in-cheek remarks, Romeo’s messages that was forwarded to me (i even made a folder, and it contains 102 messages thus far) and their fights.. Fights which always begin with her obnoxious messages, the climax- his ‘i’m-sorry-I’m-not-perfect’ reply, and ends with her conscience hurting her ears that will lead her to say the only accepted apology.. I love you Romeo.

‘Romeo, save me
They’re trying to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult
But it’s real…’

now, wat’cha think?
Will they end up like your favorite love story?
The mermaid will have legs permanently,
Hero will surrender her powers to live at peace.
Can love conquer all including religion?
How about the main villain.. Juliet’s Daddy?

No matter how it ends, the ending will always be..
(if not ‘they’)
She lived happily ever after.


This is Juliet! Isn't she lovely?